Anne Haug /


Anne Haug’s characters in film are independent characters who not only need to find their place in society, but also want to shape it. The author and actress very intelligently deploys all dramatic means to give the character a credible life of its own.

With her special talent for improvising, she easily and intuitively changes between comedy and tragedy. Whether as a young director who must deal with her incompetent producers and the stereotyped behavior in the film industry; as a visual artist who lives in a commune, free from societal constraints and is later caught up in them; as a musician who finds herself in a life crisis, but whose own childishness stands in her way; or as a loyal sound engineer who sticks to her principled values while her environment spins out of control. With a deep understanding also for the contradictory peculiarities of the characters, she always finds her own approach to precisely carve out the human and enigmatic aspects of the characters and lend them realism and credibility.

Directors who are the protagonists of the new European film, such as Aelrun Goette, Daniel Wild, Güzin Kar, Isabell Šuba, Maris Pfeiffer, Natascha Beller and Sarah Blaßkiewitz., seek collaboration with the actress to give their characters a contemporary feeling. Here, Anne Haug continues to be a central figure in challenging productions such as 'Blank', 'Die fruchtbaren Jahre sind vorbei' (The Fruitful Years Are Over), 'Ivie wie Ivie', 'Lux - Krieger des Lichts' (Lux - Warrior of Light'), 'Männer zeigen Filme & Frauen ihre Brüste' (Men Show Films & Women Show Their Breasts) und 'Rakete Perelman' (Rocket Perelman).