Carlo Ljubek /


Carlo Ljulbek’s precise intuition for human behavior and his delicate awareness in performance are revealed in the impressive array of characters he portrays. He effortlessly creates rapid transitions between uncompromising and dedicated human motives. Whether as a hopeful father who cannot give up his dying child, as an adventurer, racketeer and charmer who courageously stands up against career-oriented western bureaucrats and scrupulous revolutionaries, as a child psychologist who constantly comes up against his own limits, as a consultant who is jointly responsible for the Love Parade catastrophe in Duisberg and cannot come to terms with his feelings of guilt, or as a man fleeing from his past and own reality into homelessness.

The sensitive way he brings the most heterogeneous human characters to life in film reveals an extraordinary intuition for the essence of the characters. They iridesce between a human glow and the caesuras of life.

Directors such as Aelrun Goette, Caroline Link, Christian Alvart, David Schalko, Hermine Huntgeburth, Lars Becker, Marco Kreuzpaintner, Philipp Stölzl, Sherry Hormann, Soleen Yussef, Stefan Schaller, and Terrence Malick value him both for his distinctive and multifaceted skills and for his strong and simultaneously vulnerable presence in film. In cinema, Carlo Ljubek captivates in films such as 'A Hidden Life', 'Die Welt ist groß und Rettung lauert überall' (The World is Big and Rescue Lurks Everywhere), 'Gisela', 'Kill me Today, Tomorrow I’m Sick', or 'Shahada'; in television he stands out in productions such as 'Atempause' (Breather), 'Beat', 'Das Leben danach' (Life Afterward), 'Der verlorene Vater' (The Lost Father), 'Heimkehr' (Homecoming), and 'Safe'.