Carlo Ljubek /


Carlo Ljubek gained his first theatrical experiences with different independent theater companies in Köln before he was accepted at the renowned 'Otto Falckenberg Schule' in Munich. Already during his studies, he was performing in various productions at the Münchner Kammerspiele in Munich with appearances at the Hessen State Theater in Wiesbaden and the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin following soon after.

Early on, the actor revealed a special instinct for the emotional world of his characters, which he embodies with an extraordinarily sensitive intensity. The intendant and director Karin Beier, recognizing the actor’s special skills, brought him to the Schauspiel Köln and later to the Schauspielhaus Hamburg as a permanent member of the ensemble.

Carlo Ljubek’s ability to endow his characters with a credible life in nuanced elaborations of their character traits – effortlessly creating a masculine strength and at the same time moving at the edge of fragility – serves in making him an outstanding performer of contemporary theater. Distinguished directors such as Armin Petras, Falk Richter, Frank Castorf, Jette Steckel, Johan Simons, Karin Henkel, Michael Thalheimer, and Viktor Bodo utilize the meticulous elaborations of the actor in bringing the humanity of his characters uniquely to life in their ambitious productions. NDR says: 'Carlo Ljubek creates great theater and fantastic film. Everything is just right. He performs with energy and joy in the transformation and can show quite vividly how complexly a person can lose himself.'