Dorka Gryllus /


Dorka Gryllus is one of the boundary-crossing protagonists of contemporary European theater. She is constantly on the search for material that reaches far beyond the canon of the classical repertoire that she refined in the ensemble of the renowned Csiky Gergely Theater in Kaposvár directly after completing her studies. In the process, she seeks an artistic collaboration with directors who are changing the face of the theater landscape in Europe - such as Attila Soós, Eva Duda, Jaqueline Kornmüller, Tamás Asher or Viktor Bodo.

The actress understands theater as a pulse for the social developments of the present, to which her performances give body and voice. With her profound, intuitive acting and her intense corporeality, Dorka Gryllus creates a sustained field of tension and excitement into which she brings her characters convincingly and poignantly to life without revealing their deeply human secrets.

Dorka Gryllus is a much sought after actress at many important European theaters and institutions, including the Deutsches Theater and HAU in Berlin, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Volkstheater in Vienna, the Atrium, Örkèny, and the Thalia Theater in Budapest, as well as theaters in the USA. Her collaboration with director Jay Scheib at PS122 in 'Untitled Mars (This Title May Change)' was widely celebrated by the press and the public. The trade journal Broadway World writes: 'Dorka Gryllus is fantastic as the beautiful and mysterious leading actress.'