Götz Schubert /


Götz Schubert’s film characters exude a confident masculinity, which the actor skillfully infuses with a subtle sensitivity. His sophisticated, multifarious performances reveal a deep and distinct understanding for the idiosyncrasies of his characters.

Whether as part of a married couple that loses itself in everyday life and must find itself again, as a father, who, after the fatal accident of his daughter, becomes innerly mute, as a conflicted man who, first for career, then out of conviction, pledges himself to the Nazis, as a taciturn commissioner whose life leaves fine cracks on his surface and in his psyche, or as a family man who comes into conflict between his own convictions and changes in society - Götz Schubert consistently finds his own way to show, realistically and truthfully, the fragility, the humanity, the strength, and also the humor of the characters.

His nuanced, masculine, and sensitive realization of their traits, with which he gives them a convincing life of their own, has made him a much sought-after actor in contemporary film. He has worked with directors such as Ben Verbong, Christian Schwochow, Edward Berger, Francis Meletzky, Isabell Kleefeld, Lars Kraume, Matti Geschonneck, Robert Schwentke or Till Franzen and in many large scale productions such as 'Der Turm' (The Tower), 'Meine Tochter Anne Frank' (My Daughter Anne Frank), 'Tage die bleiben' (Days That Remain) and 'Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter' (Our Mothers, Our Fathers) as well as in serial popular hits like 'Die verlorene Tochter' (The Lost Daughter), 'KDD' and 'Wolfsland' (Wolves Country).