Patrycia Ziolkowska /


Patrycia Ziolkowska’s physical and intelligent way of acting testifies to an above average intuition for the essence of the characters in film. These are multifaceted transcenders of human motives. The actress possesses a deep understanding for the protean qualities of being human, to faithfully work out the contradiction, the humanity and the ambiguity of the characters and give them relevance and authenticity. Whether as a freelance artist who must decide between two brothers, as a spirited, uncompromising woman in search of a purpose, of love, of a relationship and fails at it, as an undaunted teacher with an absolute will to live who is mistreated by her husband and falls in love with a man 30 years her senior, as a revolutionary and secret agent who co-instigates the social upheavals in her country, or as a successful, independent businesswoman who believes to hold the reins of her life in her hands, until life catches up with her.

The actress has an unmistakable, intelligent, clear way of acting within a wide range, as well as an extraordinary dedication toward empathizing with humanity and its vicissitudes. Patrycia Ziolkowska moves with great ease between the cultural differences of her characters. Always with the idea of allowing for a freedom of interpretation in her portrayals and making the richness and deep humanity of her characters vivid.

The special and sensitive virtuosity of the actress as well as her extraordinary agility and sharp intuition in performance are valued by directors such as Andreas Kleinert, Fatih Akin, Lars Becker, Lukasz Barczyk, Maris Pfeiffer, Martin Enlen, Mathias Glasner, Nina Grosse, and Thorsten Näter and employed in their ambitious productions such as 'Auf der anderen Seite' (The Edge of Heaven), 'Die Luft, die wir atmen' (The Air that We Breathe), 'Solino', 'Spanische Grippe' (Influence), 'Spätwerk' (Late Work) and 'Underdogs'. Die Welt am Sonntag writes: 'Patrycia Ziolkowska is an extraordinarily versatile actress. She possesses an intensity that distinguishes her in all of her roles. She knows how to embody emotional states of emergency with clarity; disarmingly straightforward, she represents the autonomy of feeling.'