Samuel Finzi /


Samuel Finzi’s characters in film are smart and precise incarnations. In so doing, he consciously organizes each part of his performance, always with the objective of showing a truthfulness of the human motive. Each movement, each word is virtuosic interventions into the anatomy of the characters.

His work is an incredibly precise process and shows an above-average understanding for the essence of the roles. Whether as a smart criminal psychologist who knows every trick of the soul, as a stubborn utopian who tries, out of loneliness, to create an absurd living environment, as the spiritual leader of a sect who is not afraid of violence to keep the other disciples under control, as the loyal, almost blindly devoted servant, or as a strict yet also funny foster father who fights for his stepdaughter. His performances are esteemed by audiences and the press. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper writes: 'The physical actor Samuel Finzi carries his stage magic over to his work in front of the camera: the way he lets the text run straight through himself at such a furious tempo not only gets him dancing, but everyone around him too - if not the entire television landscape.'

Samuel Finzi's diversified performances and his intelligent acting, which enable him to move effortlessly between the genres, have been awarded many prizes and made him a much sought-after actor for film and television. He has performed under the direction of Kamen Kalev, Lola Randl, Marie Noëlle, Matthias Tiefenbacher, Michael Glawogger, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Oskar Roehler, Peter Popzlatev, Philipp Kadelbach, Sönke Wortmann and Til Schweiger as well as in many major and ambitious productions such as 'Das Wunder von Bern' (The Miracle of Bern), 'Klassentreffen' (Class Reunion), 'Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins' and the 'Kokowääh'-film series, as well as in independent films such as 'The Captain', 'Die Erfindung der Liebe' (The Discovery of Love), 'Fritz Lang', 'Herrliche Zeiten' (Splendid Times), 'Marie Curie' and 'Tod den Hippies!! Es lebe der Punk!' (Death to Hippies!! Long Live Punk!).