Ulrike C. Tscharre /


Ulrike C. Tscharre’s characters in film challenge conventions. They go so far as to suspend these limits with always understandable consequences of their actions. She always succeeds – whether with her own physical presence or with her subtle reduced acting – to rebel against the status quo in order to furnish it with new meanings. In the process the actress searches for the truth of being human. Always driven to bringing her characters believably to life without revealing them.

Whether as a courageous woman who breaks from conventions and expectations to follow her love for a much older man, as an adult and dedicated daughter, whose mother, out of the blue, gives up her parenting, as the boss of an escort agency who resolutely goes her own way, as a former child-star, who as an adult still smuggles herself uninvited into castings, as the mother of a radicalized adolescent fighting incessantly not to lose him, or as an investigator who cannot let go of atoning for her own guilt and follows a criminal to the furthest corners of a foreign country. With a deep understanding for the uniqueness of the characters as well as the social conditions that surround them, she always finds her own way to clarify the external circumstances of the characters as well as their humanity, in order to lend them life and credibility.

Her nuanced and delicate performances within a broad spectrum have made her a much sought after actress for film and television. Thus, Ulrike C. Tscharre has performed under the direction of Emily Atef, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Isabel Kleefeld, Matthias Tiefenbacher, Max Färberböck, Rainer Kaufmann, Sebastian Ko, Stefan Krohmer, Stephan Lacant and Viviane Andereggen as well as in many major, challenging productions such as'A Commissioner Returns', 'Beautiful Women', 'Driven', 'Don’t Worry', 'In Face of the Crime', 'The Last Moment', 'Ransom', 'Murder in Eberswalde', 'We Monsters' or her own sophisticated series 'Special Investigator'. With directing legends Dominik Graf, Matti Geschonneck, Sathyan Ramesh and Stephan Wagner, filmmakers who are significantly shaping German language film of today, she has had long-running, award-winning collaborations.