Anne Haug /


Already at a young age, Anne Haug performed in the Youth Club of the Basel Theater under the direction of Bruno Cathomas and moved on from there to the Junge Theater Basel. Her mentors encouraged her to pursue studies in acting, which she successfully concluded at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Throughout her career, she has always endeavored to use acting as a socially relevant art form, to take a position on the themes of today and shape them.

She began developing her own pieces early on. In so doing, long-term, creative collaborations were established with Antú Romero Nunes, Nora Abdel-Maksoud and her acting colleague Melanie Schmidli. Their joint theater series 'Projekt Schooriil' (Project Showreel) has been running successfully for many years and plays before sold-out houses in the German-speaking world. Anne Haug’s characters, both those she plays and those she writes in theater are unadjusted and do not strive for harmony. Transcending genres, the author and actress intuitively uses the possibilities of acting to bring humaneness credibly to life with the most diverse means, effortlessly moving from slapstick, comedy, poetry, and silence, to drama.

Her works, such as 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'Metamorphoses', 'Past is Present' and 'Unruhig ist unser Herz' (Restless is Our Heart) have consistently been invited to renowned, international theater festivals, including the Belgrade International Theater Festival, Festival Politik im freien Theater, Le Festival Premières in Strasbourg, Le Standard Idéal Paris, the Rencontres Théâtrales Lyon, Rencontre du Théâtre Suisse and Theatertreffen . In the meantime, Anne Haug’s transnational strategy to expand the classical repertoire with conceptual and performative means that are true to life have made her a central figure in independent theater today.