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Caroline Peters studied at the Saarland State Academy for Music and Drama in Saarbrücken. Even while still at school, her fast-paced, on-the-spot acting attracted the attention of Andrea Breth who engaged her at the Berlin Schaubühne. Appearances at all of the important German theaters followed, including the tehaters in Cologne, Hamburg and Schauspielhaus Zurich, the TAT Frankfurt as well as Volksbühne Berlin. Since 2004 she has been performing at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

From the beginning of her career she has worked with directors who have significantly influenced the theater of today, including Barbara Frey, Dimiter Gotscheff, Karin Beier, Luc Bondy, Nicolas Stemann, René Pollesch and Simon Stone, with whom she continues ongoing artistic collaborations. They value the unique ability of the actress to move effortlessly between finely nuanced acting and a deliberate, impulsive demeanor. Her multifaceted performances bear witness to an intuitive understanding for the ambiguous, human motivations of the characters, which she also knows how to portray with an explosive power.

With her intelligent, ambivalent characters, Caroline Peters questions conventional boundaries. She transcends them, to find a contemporary immediacy in tone, and a direct connection to the audience. The actress is a master of timing in all genres. She changes effortlessly from sensitive observations to furious performances. The press celebrates the many dimensions of her acting in allowing her characters to come to life with intelligence and power. Her intense involvement with new forms of theater and contemporary texts have made her one of the most sought-after actresses in German-language theater. The Austrian magazine Profil writes: 'The German actress Caroline Peters is furiously working herself to the top of the great theaters.'

Her work for the theater has been honored many times. The prestigious theater magazine Theater heute named her 'Actress of the Year 2016' for 'John Gabriel Borkman' and 'Actress of the Year 2018' for 'Hotel Strindberg'. For 'Hotel Strindberg' she also received the renowned Nestor Prize in 2018 for her outstanding acting performance, with which she was honored a second time in 2020 for her roles in 'Schwarzwasser' (Black Water). The plays 'Das Werk / Im Bus / Ein Sturz' (The Work / In the Bus / A Fall) by Elfriede Jelinek, 'Hotel Strindberg' and 'John Gabriel Borkman' both from Simon Stone - as well as 'Sex nach Mae West' (Sex According to Mae West) by René Pollesch with her in the leading roles, where invited to the famous festival Theatertreffen in Berlin. Director René Pollesch shared the Mühlheim Dramatist Prize with her and the other actors, which they received for 'Capucetto Rosso' (Little Red Riding Hood) and 'www-slums'.

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