Henning Flüsloh /


Henning Flüsloh's dynamic and physical approach to acting enables him to portray the most contradictory motivations of a person expressively and accurately. He performs with a multifaceted, creative, and fast-paced style of acting, constantly pushing the limits of conventions. In doing so, he moves between the most varied genres with a nuanced versatility.

Henning Flüsloh alternates effortlessly in acting between sensitivity, unpredictability, and thoughtfulness. His multifaceted portrayals as well as his energetic and powerful presence make him an extraordinary actor. Whether as a loyal boxer with a precarious background who causes his own failure in the search for happiness, as a man whose childhood catches up with him in later years and resorts to drastic means to free himself from his own history, as a singer and musician who is threatened with the loss of his voice and his future after a traumatic experience, or as a veteran returning from combat who can no longer find a place in his family.

Henning Flüsloh's oscillating, powerful and, at the same time, translucent acting, his ongoing effort to provide his characters with a credible anchoring in the human condition, are valued by directors such as Henning Beckhoff, Hermine Huntgeburth, Laura Lackmann, Oliver Kracht, Piotr J. Lewandowski, Stefan Lukacs and Torsten C. Fischer and used in their ambitious productions, including 'Die Wespe’ (The Wasp), 'Fünf Dinge, die ich nicht verstehe' (Five Things I Don’t Understand), 'Liebe mich' (Love Me), 'Luden' (Pimps), 'Trümmermädchen' (Rubble Girls) and 'Unspoken'.