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Henning Flüsloh / 22

Henning Flüsloh was born in Wuppertal, the son of a social worker and a social pedagogue. Early on, he became involved in the theater club of his school. From his very first role as George Berger in the musical 'Hair', his teachers recognized his special talent and encouraged him to join an independent theater group in Wuppertal. He appeared there in several plays. Immediately after graduating from high school, he completed the prestigious Theater Year at the Burgtheater in Vienna and was subsequently accepted at the renowned Ernst Busch School of the Dramatic Arts in Berlin. The professors, especially his mentor, Iris Böhm, recognized the actor's special ability to oscillate at the margins of human behavior. From the very beginning, Henning Flüsloh has demonstrated his distinct ability to bring his characters to life with a deeply human translucency. At the same time, the actor shows a constant willingness to reach the physical limits of his characters and of himself. This allows him a nuanced versatility to move effortlessly between genres.

Henning Flüsloh understands himself as a storyteller. For this reason, he is always trying to flesh out the worlds of thought and action of his protagonists as much as possible in order to give them a believable reference to the present. The actor is intent on opening up an independent living space for his characters to reveal the complex traits of a person and their motivations. He consciously alternates into the known and the unknown with his characters in order to expand their boundaries at any time. In doing so, his extremely physical and dynamic performances enable him to create a complexity until the point when his characters appear on stage or in front of the camera as complete human beings.

Henning Flüsloh's characters in both film and theater move between fragility and strength in a self-generated tension. His energetic, physical approach to acting allows him to portray the arcs between a person’s contradictory motivations impressively and precisely. At the same time, his ingenuity in acting, his extreme speed, and his precise performances allow him to constantly test the limits to the point of a guided self-dissolution. Henning Flüsloh effortlessly alternates in his acting between fragile humanity, dangerous unpredictability, and quiet, sensitive thoughtfulness. The diversity of his demanding performances as well as his sensitive and powerful presence make Henning Flüsloh an outstanding film and theater actor. His intense and varied expressivity is widely appreciated and utilized by directors such as Hermine Huntgeburth, Laura Lackmann, Oliver Kracht, Piotr J. Lewandowski, Stefan Lukacs and Torsten C. Fischer in their demanding productions.