Sina Martens /


Sina Martens gained her first stage experience as part of an independent theater group at the Monsun Theater in Hamburg before she began acting studies at the Hochschule for Music and Theater 'Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy' in Leipzig. Already during her studies, collaborations began with directors who significantly influence contemporary theater today such as Armin Petras, Rainald Grebe and Sebastian Hartmann. After completing her studies, she met Hans-Werner Kroesinger, one of the most important representatives of documentary theater in the German-speaking world. He was an important influence on the actress and they worked together many times at HAU Berlin.

Guest appearances followed at the Schauspiel Hannover, Theater Bonn and Theater Oberhausen before she was discovered by Oliver Reese. He engaged her at the Schauspiel Frankfurt and afterwards, at the Berliner Ensemble, where she took on leading roles in productions by Alexander Eisenach, Bernadette Sonnenbichler, Frank Castorf, Lena Brasch, Michael Thalheimer and Robert Borgmann.

Directors value Sina Martens' courage to bring the ambivalence of her characters sensitively and powerfully to life. In doing so, the actress intelligently masters the emotional range across all genres and thus gives her characters a believable life of their own. Sina Martens changes effortlessly between comedy and tragedy and shimmers intensely in the positive as well as the negative dimensions of human motivations, to tell stories believably and vividly.