Ursula Strauss /


Ursula Strauss’ sensitivity for human behavior is reflected in the extraordinary interpretations of her roles. Her holistic and impartial approach, with which she brings the most diverse film characters to life, is the sign of an above average intuition and a great empathy for the essence of her characters.

Whether as a well-to-do, power-hungry woman, who follows her compulsion to control without scruples; as the disillusioned mother of a crazed suicide gunman; as a chaotic police commissioner, who follows her inner voice more than the facts and nevertheless solves cases; as a businesswoman who flouts social conventions and, with vision and empathy, founds an empire; as a war survivor who brings her family to safety and holds them together despite the turmoil of war; or as the tenacious, funny, happy maid who saves the life of her boss and falls in love with him in the process - with a deep understanding for the idiosyncrasies of her characters, she always conveys their fragile, human and enigmatic sides, lending them both authenticity and true-to-life integrity with her courageous performances.

Ursula Strauss' natural, effortless, and precise performances within a performing spectrum that transcends genres have made her a much sought-after actress for film and television. She performs repeatedly under the direction of Barbara Albert, David Schalko, Elisabeth Scharang, Götz Spielmann, Lars Becker, Lisa Bierwirth, Nikolaus Leytner, Nils Willbrandt, Stefan Krohmer and Wolfgang Murnberger in such challenging and award-winning major film and television productions as 'Braggart', 'Death in the Mountains', 'Fly Beetle!', 'Hotel Sacher', 'Le Prince', 'Maybe in Another Life', 'My Best Enemy', 'My Foreign Wife', 'My Strange Friend', 'October, November', 'Old Money', 'Pregau', 'The Quiet Afterward' and 'Traps'.